Mar 18, 2021

Case Study: Innovative green product Symetal Battery Foil (SBF) for e-mobility

Electromobility is expanding rapidly worldwide and has been recognised as a key pillar in combating air pollution, contributing to the fight against climate change. To tackle the problem, the automotive industry has turned to innovative solutions for electric vehicles. In order to meet the growing needs of the global electric vehicle industry for high-performance batteries, Symetal has developed battery foil technology through an innovative production process that ensures reduction in the use of raw materials and a more environmentally sound production path. As a result, energy, as well as cost savings in both aluminum foil and battery cells manufacturing are reportedly achieved.
Electromobility and the detachment from combustion engines has been recognized as a key pillar in combating air pollution worldwide, contributing to the fight against climate change. To tackle the problem, the entire automotive industry has turned to innovative solutions for electric vehicles.
The obvious prospect for the rapid development of e-mobility in Europe, in the context of the European Green Deal, has led to the need for large rechargeable battery plants (Gigafactories), which in turn require quality raw materials produced through innovative processes emphasizing on environmental protection.
Symetal's goal was to develop a product that will meet the contemporary and future needs of battery manufacturers, through an innovative production process that will ensure energy savings as well as a reduction of the raw material requirements, while promoting their responsible usage.
Symetal Battery Foil (SBF) is at the core of Li-ion batteries, used as a key element of the electrodes. The requirements for such product are extremely high, as the quality of the rolled aluminium is linked both to the efficiency of the battery producers’ processes and to the performance of the final product (the battery) as well.
SBF's special alloying and innovative production process is the result of exhaustive testing with established European manufacturers of rechargeable battery cells.
The development of the new innovative SBF product with this specific production process required more than a hundred different industrial-scale tests in less than three years.
Symetal has achieved its goal of launching SBF, an innovative and eco-friendly product.
The end use of the product in electric vehicles contributes to the independence from fossil fuels, as well as to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing to the fight against climate change.
The reduction of thickness of the rolled aluminium from 20μm and 15μm of the traditional products to 12μm, even 11μm, allows newer generation batteries to achieve a significant increase in the amount of energy stored.
Symetal’s innovative double-rolled battery foil (SBF) offers the final-stage battery manufacturer superior quality features.
Furthermore, Symetal’s innovative production process has eliminated the need for chemical degreasing, resulting in zero use of chemicals and zero chemical waste. Therefore, responsible use of raw materials and elimination of chemical waste has led to a more environmentally sustainable production path of the aluminum foil.

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