Converter foil

Converter foil

Aluminium foil’s unique properties as a perfect barrier against humidity, light and odours make it the best material for the type of flexible packaging commonly used in food, dairy, liquids, tobacco and others.
Our modern equipment, combined with a deep technical experience and long presence in the aluminium foil rolling industry, ensure the excellent quality of our product and its perfect performance during every conversion process, such as lamination, lacquering or printing.

Strict process and quality control guarantee the excellent machineability of our foil and the fulfillment of the highest quality standards of our customers.

Main properties

  • These are only some of the special properties of foil that make it unique
    Suitable for coming in contact with food and beverages
    Non-toxic and sterile
    Impermeability (Absolute barrier)
    Dead fold / formable
    Resistant to high temperatures
    Highly machinable

Main applications

  • High-barrier and aseptic packaging (Vacuum and modified atmosphere packing, Sachets, Coffee capsules, Wraps)
    Confectionery (Chocolate bar wrapping, Chocolate coins, Sweets, Chocolate figure wrapping)
    Dairy (Lidding, Cheese portions / soft cheese, Butter wrap, Milk / cream cartons, Milk bottle caps)
    Beverage (Cartons lined with foil, Pouches, Bottle neck, Capsules
    Tobacco (Cigarette inner liners, Loose tobacco, Cigar sleeves)
    Labels / decorative
    Special applications in Semi-hard temper H24 / H26 or hard temper H18 / H19

Technical characteristics

Standard alloys 8079 / 1200 / 8021
Temper H00
Thickness range 6 - 60 mic
Widths Up to 2.040mm
Surface Bright / Matte
Wettability A grade
Coil inner diameter 150 / 152mm
Suitable for Lamination
Extrusion coating


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