Chewing gum foil

Chewing gum foil

Symetal offers a wide range of alu/paper laminates for chewing gum inner wrapping, materials either embossed or unembossed and/or printed in single colours.

Whether serving as a barrier for protecting chewing gum, or as a way of adding a touch of elegance or differentiation to a product, Symetal’s wrappers are properly adjusted to maintain an optimum performance level in all different types of chewing gum wrapping machines.

Main properties

  • Wide range of specifications
    Excellent folding properties
    Top quality raw materials
    Certified for direct food contact
    Excellent machinability

Technical characteristics

Thickness range 6.0 – 7.0 mic
Paper weight 20 – 35 g/m2
Lamination Glue, wax
Reel Dimensions According to customer’s requirements
Lacquering/Colour Foil side can be either plain, slip lacquered or printed in a single colour (full surface or logo)
Embossing Spot, leinen or embossed with customer’s logo


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