Foil for tea lights

Foil for tea lights

Aluminium foil is widely used in the production of tea-light or candle-light cups.
For many years Symetal has offered a product that is perfectly suited for the smooth, deep drawing process which not only ensures the production of high quality tea lights of various dimensions, but also helps reaching high production speeds and low wearing of the dies.

Main properties

  • Isotropic
    Low earing alloys

Technical characteristics

Typical alloys 3005 / 3305 / 3104
Temper -0-
Thickness range 0.068 – 0.090 mm
Widths min 50mm - up to 2000mm
Surface Mill finish or Pre- Coated
Lubrication 300 up to 600 mgr/m2 total on both sides
Coil inner diameter 150 / 152mm
Lacquering Large variety of decorative colors


Tea lights
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