Foil for heat exchange equipment

Foil for heat exchange equipment

As aluminium foil is a great thermal conductor, it is also used in the production of heat exchangers whose purpose is to facilitate the transfer of heat from one system to another. Aluminium comes into play as it can be used in thin gauges and multiple layers, increasing the surface where heat dissipation occurs.
The most common applications for this type of foil are typically found in industrial heat exchangers, air conditioning, refrigerators and heat recovery ventilation units.
Symetal supplies foil for production of Fin-stock, Rotor and Plate heat exchangers.

Main properties

  • Thermal conductivity
    Light weight
    High Mg alloy 5052

Main applications

  • Air conditioning
    Ventilation systems
    Heating and cooling systems
    Thermal rotors
    Plate heat exchangers

Technical characteristics

Typical alloys 1200 / 3104 / 8006 / 8079 / 8021 / 8026 / 5052
Temper -0- / H22 / H19
Thickness range Alloys 1200 / 3104 / 8006 / 8079 / 8021 / 8026 :    0.050 - 0.250mm

Alloy 5052 :   0.150 - 0.250mm
Widths min 50mm - up to 2000mm
Surface Mill finish or Pre- Coated
Coil inner diameter 150 / 152mm
Lacquering Gold or Blue Epoxy Hydrophobic Coating


Technical applications