Pharmaceutical foil

Pharmaceutical foil

The unique barrier provided by aluminium foil makes it an excellent component for packing sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals.
From rolling to ready material storing, our plant meets the highest hygiene standards guaranteeing that the final product will fulfil the strictest specifications. With the use of on-line pinhole detectors we control the entire length of the foil ensuring that our product achieves maximum impermeability.
Especially for blister foil, our experience and our extensive technological expertise enable us to offer a product surface suitable for water based primers without applying any chemical treatment.
Our metal for cold forming has been widely proven to guarantee a great formability, while keeping the highest possible barrier.

Main properties

  • Absolute barrier to air, moisture, light and micro organisms
    Suitable for coming in contact with foodstuffs
    Non-toxic and sterile
    Dead fold / formable
    Resistant to high temperatures
    Highly machinable

Main applications

  • Blister foil
    Foil for cold forming
    Heat sealable closures
    Collapsible tubes

Technical characteristics

Blister Cold Forming Other
Typical alloys 8079 / 1200 8021 8079 / 1200
Temper H18 / H19 H00 H00
Thickness range 20 - 25 mic 45 - 50 mic 6 - 60 mic
Widths Up to 2.040mm Up to 2.040mm Up to 2.040mm
Surface Bright / Matte Bright / Matte Bright / Matte
Coil inner diameter 150 / 152mm 150 / 152mm 150 / 152mm
Suitable for Lacquering
Both solvent and water
based primers
Lamination Forming Lamination
Extrusion coating


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