Foil for technical applications

Foil for technical applications

By taking full advantage of the properties of aluminium, an ample range of products can be created.  Below are just some of the main technical fields where our foil can be used:
  • Flexible tubes and air ducts are lightweight and resistant to high temperatures.
  • Aluminium foil is commonly used as an insulation layer in architectural and industrial structures, also providing the final product with stiffness.
  • Firewalls are meant to prevent fires from spreading. Aluminium's resistance to high temperatures and impermeability characteristics make it a perfect barrier for this application.
  • Heatshields: Protective shields against heat and noise. The areas of a vehicle that develop high temperatures call for an effective thermal shielding solution and noise protection.
  • Honeycomb structures are used in transportation, architecture and other applications where lightweight and highly resistant composites are needed.

Main properties

  • Insulation against magnetic and radio frequencies
    Impermeability (Absolute barrier)
    Dead fold / Formable
    Resistant to high temperatures
    Highly machinable
    High resistance in lateral stresses

Main applications

  • Insulation
    Flexible tubes and air ducts
    Adhesive tapes