Lacquered lidding foil

Lacquered lidding foil

With an emphasis on product performance and consumer safety, Symetal offers a wide variety of lidding foils that are suitable for the packaging of yogurt, margarine, marmalade, honey and many other foodstuffs.

Symetal’s lacquered aluminium lidding foil is compatible with all different ink systems available in the market today and is sealable to a wide variety of substrates, such as PVC, PS, PP, PE and PET.
Thanks to its vertical integration and extensive know-how, Symetal is in the position to develop tailor-made aluminium foil solutions, improving a material’s yield or enhancing its critical properties.

Main properties

  • Vertically integrated production process
    Wide range of lacquering options
    Excellent printability
    Optimum machinability

Technical characteristics

Thickness range 25 – 60 mic
Reel Dimensions According to customer’s requirements
Primer Suitable for all types of ink systems (water based, solvent based, UV, etc.) and printing techniques
Lacquer Heatsealable (suitable for all substrates)


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