Lacquered blister foil

Lacquered blister foil

Symetal’s lacquered blister foils stand out for their compatibility to all different ink systems, while also offering excellent sealing performance against PS/PVC/PVDC substrates.

Accordingly, our lacquered blister foil products serve as the perfect solution for pharmaceutical applications (such as blister packs for pills and tablets) as well as chewing gum blister packs.

Main properties

  • Certified for pharmaceutical packaging
    Non-toxic and sterile
    Dead fold / formable
    Resistant to high temperatures
    Optimum machinability
    DMF registered

Technical characteristics

Standard alloys 8079 / 1200
Temper H18 / H19
Thickness range 17 mic – 30 mic
Primer Suitable for all types of ink systems (water-based, solvent-based, UV, etc.) and printing techniques
Reel dimensions According to customer’s requirements
Heat seal lacquer Suitable for sealing against PS/PVC/PVDC substrates


Pharmaceutical packaging