Jun 25, 2020

Symetal participates in the “Green Mission” environmental initiative

Symetal participates in the “Green Mission” dynamic environmental initiative of SUNLIGHT Recycling for the proper recycling of lead-acid batteries. 
Being fully aware of the environmental impact of our operations and recognizing the importance of proper management of waste materials related to batteries, we have selected SUNLIGHT Recycling as the most suitable partner for the proper management of waste materials related to lead-acid batteries. 
The “Green Mission” initiative was presented by SUNLIGHT Recycling in 2016 and aims to transmit the philosophy for greater sensitivity to the public and the business world concerning the proper recycling of lead-acid batteries, with almost zero effect on the environment. The use of state-of-the-art technologies may lead to a battery recycling rate of up to 95%, while the properly recycled products of pure lead and alloys are redirected into the market in accordance with the principles of the circular economy. 
About “Green Mission”: 
Green Mission is an environmental action of a large number of companies from various business sectors, sharing the view that the right way to recycle is feasible and that the ensuing environmental benefits will help reduce pollution. The Green Mission brings together Greek companies from all business sectors committed to the proper recycling of old lead-acid batteries. For more information, please visit the website:
Symetal becomes a #gopafree Supporter & Activist of Cigaret Cycle
Symetal actively supports the #gopafree program for the collection and recycling of cigarette butts, implemented by the NPO Cigaret Cycle.
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The fifth issue of Symetal’s intra-company Newsletter is out
We are pleased to announce that in October 2021 we launched the fifth issue of our intra-company Newsletter, namely “Symetal’s world”.
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Symetal receives GOLD Award at the prestigious ceremony “Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2021”
On October 5th, 2021, Symetal was honored with a GOLD Award during the prestigious Manufacturing Excellence Awards.
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